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We're different and proud of it!

Who are the experts?
Nurture Learning has been created by combining the knowledge and experience of 2 experts in their field; an education specialist and Master Reiki Teacher.  Together, they have over 40 years of experience in both teaching children and holistic therapies.

Anna Kersley is an Education Specialist in Kent.  Anna has worked in a number of different schools and settings, teaching children from a range of backgrounds and abilities.  She has worked with Ofsted as an inspector and as an Education Specialist to help children re-engage with learning and school attendance.  Anna has also trained in Reiki and has found her passion for teaching has increased ten-fold since developing the Nurture Learning strategies and seeing the children make such amazing progress in their learning and wellbeing..


Fiona Lassiter is a Master Reiki Teacher and Member of the Reiki Federation. With over 30 years of experience as a primary school teacher and an expert member of the Reiki Federation; Fiona has also seen first-hand how the combined skills of teaching and holistic therapies have influenced the way that she teaches and responds to the changing needs of children.  As well as being a key member of our teacher training team, Fiona also offers tuition, treatments and workshops from her base in Sandhurst, Berkshire.

Wellbeing is key


Children’s mental health is a real and growing concern in our modern society.


Our techniques look to give your child the ‘super power’ to improve their knowledge and life skills.


Through the Nurture Learning tuition programme, all of our tutors promote independent thinking and mindfulness.


This not only builds confidence, but also improves emotional intelligence.

It’s these core skills that will ensure your child thrives in exam situations, such as when taking the 11+ – an area of tuition that we specialise in.

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Qualified, DBS-validated Tutors


Nurture Learning take our responsibilities to your children and family very seriously. 

All of our tutors are qualified, DBS-checked and have real experience of teaching in schools. 

Our teaching methods complement your child’s experience in the classroom and are tailored to suit the needs of the children we teach.


In addition to this, every Nurture Learning Teacher is qualified in Reiki to ensure that every learning experience is supported by a tutor that practises what they preach.


This means that the Nurture Learning methods are embedded in everything that we do.


Nurture Learning is not just a token gesture yoga or mindfulness activity thrown in once a week. 


Nurture Learning is a whole new way of teaching that starts with the teacher and filters down to every single child that we teach.

Mother and Daughter


    Anna has taught our daughter on a one-to-one basis. I would highly recommend! Anna has a natural rapport with children, she has shown professionalism, great passion for teaching and learning and 100% commitment towards the learning and development needs of our daughter. Anna's ability to connect and encourage learning through fun and structured activities is of a very high standard. Thank you Nurture Learning!”

 Sammy Berry