Becoming a 

Nurture Learning Teacher

Are you a Qualified Teacher that is passionate about well-being in education?

Do you want to have the freedom

of working for yourself? 


We have got the perfect role for you!



Nurture Learning is on a mission to find teachers that share our

dreams and aspirations. 

We have ditched the 'franchise' model, which didn't fit with our ethos. 

This means that our tutors have no upfront fees to stump up, no territories to dampen their potential and no worries about risky investments.


We have taken down the barriers so that every single teacher that 

shares our values and is ready to offer the highest quality learning experiences,

can have this very special opportunity to join our team.

Nurture Learning will take away the stresses of setting up your own business

What we do:​

  • Check all of your documents to make sure you are 'Tuition Ready'

  • Run Certified Nurture Learning Educator courses to share our secret sauce!

  • Provide a growing library of Tutor Resources and Policies.

  • Set you up with your own nurture learning email

  • Feature you on our website and give you access to the scheduling app.

  • Provide student referrals and resources to support your own advertising.

  • Process all contracts and payments - never chase for fees owed again! 

 Our tutors have full control over what they teach and when they teach.

We pay your fees directly to you in one payment, once a month, like clockwork.

Your role as a self-employed tutor is to do what you do best;

nurture children's learning.

Align yourself with your passion and purpose.

Find out more in our *New* Teacher Information Guide below.

Apply today!







We can change well-being in education.

One child at a time.