Boosting Your Child's Wellbeing


Nurture Learning loves products that support Children's Wellbeing!

Every teacher in Nurture Learning believes that

'Education and Wellbeing Walk Hand in Hand'.


We have been working hard to create, and discover, the highest quality products to help our primary school education students to grow both their academic and emotional intelligence.  Relax Kids is one of our recommended brands; their resources are not only beautiful to the eye, but also warming for the soul.

Nurture Learning teachers use a range of books, CDs and cards as additional tools to support children to manage their big emotions, develop their confidence and boost their concentration.


The magical stories take children into a world of relaxation and growth.

Every child should be reminded of their super powers and just how amazing they are –

and these products do just that! 


Nurture Learning can now help you to find your child's favourite resource from our collection.  This means that your child can now benefit from our favourite strategies

between their Nurture Learning lessons too.