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Parent Support from Nurture Learning

Concerned about confidence? Horrified by homework?

Not a fan of phonics? Anxiety over algebra?

Our children have a very different experience in school to what we had growing up.  They seem to learn tricky skills much younger and they often are taught using very different methods.  Where do you start?


Would you like some advice on how you can help your child at home?

Nurture Learning knows that you are your child’s safe space.  Nobody knows your child better than you and you are already an expert in their learning, even if it doesn’t feel like it some days.

Have you ever felt you needed support from a qualified teacher outside of your child's school?

Pick our brains on how to teach your child a certain topic.

Talk to us about playground problems and ideas on how to build bridges with your child's school.

Or are you making the leap to Home Education and feel you'd like some professional pointers?

Nurture Learning is here to help!

Our 'Talk to a Teacher' consultations give you 1:1 time with a qualified and experienced teacher, to discuss any concerns about your child's development, wellbeing and education. 


Tackling your child's wellbeing in education together

Our *New* Parent Support Subscription

You are already an expert in what your child needs.  You are the adult in the room and you know them better than anyone else.  Sometimes you just need an expert in education to have your back...                                                                                                   

For less than the price of one lesson of private tuition, we have put together the perfect package that gives you the confidence, knowledge and resources so that YOU - the most important adult in your child's life - can be empowered to help your child learn and grow.

Our one-of-a-kind parent subscription gives you:

-  Regular 'Talk to a Teacher' consultations, and reports ,with a qualified teacher. Bookable once every 3 months (usual price £49).

- A workbook that complements the curriculum or resource dedicated to your child's emotional or social development.  Your teacher will choose a resource specifically to meet your child's individual needs after each consultation (RRP up to £16).

- Full access to our recommended video library showing parents how to support their child to tackle thousands of different learning concepts (RRP £12/month) AND access to our Times Tables Chillaxations audio to help your child learn their times tables through active relaxation techniques (usual price £14.95).

You can have this full package for only £29/month*!

Time, money and location need not be an issue with your Nurture Learning Parent Subscription.   Together, we can nurture your child so that they thrive and reach their potential beyond home-life, way past the classroom and all the way to the stars!

*Minimum 3 month subscription.

Or for a one off fee of just £49 you can speak with a qualified teacher who can give you and your child quality time, a written report, and a workbook or resource specifically chosen for, and entirely dedicated to, your family needs.   


Our teachers are experts in education and specially trained to work with you to help solve any concerns about your child and their educational experience. 
We can help bridge the gap between home and the classroom; the Nurture Learning'Talk To a Teacher' Consultation is here for you!  

To book, simply choose from the teachers below and book using the relevant link.



David is a Senior Lead Teacher and SENCo (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator) at Nurture Learning. 

He has a wealth of experience in secondary schools including maths, science, geography, ICT, Economics, Business Studies, History and Politics.  Dave specialises in teaching students from Grammar School tests (11+ and 13+) all the way up to GCSEs and A Levels. 

One of our favourite things about this superstar teacher is his ability to connect with adults and children alike.  He will always go out of his way to help anyone and always gets 5 star reviews from his students on our lesson booking platform.


Anna is the Director at Nurture Learning UK Ltd and has an expertise in holistic teaching strategies.  She has previously taught in primary schools, tutors from Early Years, Primary, 11+ and up to Foundation Level GCSE in English and Maths, and has inspected for OFSTED.  

Anna has a special interest in improving the wellbeing of all children and adults (including parents and staff) in education and has experience in supporting children and their guardians to provide positive learning experiences - both home educated, in the classroom and during extended learning opportunities such as homework and learning outdoors.  Most importantly, she is an advocate of engaging teaching methods and using techniques such as calming breathing strategies and children's relaxation/meditative stories from a young age.

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