Private, Group or Class Tuition?
Teacher and Students in Science Class

Learning with us is fun!

What sets us apart


Nurture Learning knows that every child in primary school education learns differently. 


This is why we offer a range of tuition options to suit every child and help them to reach their individual goals.


This includes Private Tuition and Group Tuition.

Private Tuition

Here at Nurture Learning, we know that classroom teachers are some of the most amazing people on the planet. 

They have so many needs to juggle and so many targets to meet. 

Nurture Learning teachers are incredibly lucky to be able to put aside those responsibilities and indulge in one main focus; your child.

Private tuition gives your child the opportunity to explore freely – asking questions without putting a hand up or competing to be heard in a busy classroom.


We get to know your child and we encourage them to discover how they learn best, to celebrate their strengths and to persevere with new challenges.

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Inspired by Holistic Principles

Nurture Learning techniques are inspired by holistic principles. 


This means that we look after your child’s emotional development as well as their academic intelligence. 


Children that thrive are more able to manage their big emotions and develop resilience, confidence and determination to succeed.  


These are the skills that we give every child to take with them beyond the educational system.


All of our students go on to achieve amazing things.


They may start with Nurture Learning at different levels, but they all leave Nurture Learning on top of the world!

Group Tuition


The most important tool to build children’s learning is their teacher.  This might be your child’s Nurture Learning teacher, class teacher, parents or any other person in their lives. But don’t forget that this includes the other children around them too!


Learning in a group means that children have an even more dynamic range of opportunities to soak up all that new knowledge and challenge their growing ideas of fresh topics. 


Children learn by hearing, seeing and doing, and you can’t get much more of an active lesson than Nurture Learning!


The group sessions that we currently offer are: 

11 plus Nurture Groups

Key Stage 2 Groups

Times Tables Champions

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