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Adding that little bit extra

All awesome teachers have a number of tricks up their sleeves to make sure that every lesson helps every child to reach their potential.


Over the years Nurture Learning has found some favourite, high quality materials.


These can be used to support what your child is learning in the classroom, to dip into to explore a tricky topic, or to encourage your child’s confidence and wellbeing in school and beyond.

Sometimes the tough stuff can be a bit dry.  


At Nurture Learning, we are not fans of worksheets or sitting our students in front of computer programmes and expecting them to just ‘get it’.  Only a carefully prepared resource to practise and apply new skills will do.

CGP books are up to date with the current curriculum and national tests.  We have found that they offer high quality texts and revision cards that children can use to develop their skills in small, digestible, chunks.

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