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Times Tables Chillaxations

This relaxing audio will help your child to chillax, focus on improving their times tables skills and develop their confidence when problem solving with numbers.

Your child will be able to:

  • Build their understanding of numbers and how they work

  • Increase their mental mathematic and quick recall skills

  • Learn tips to help them to calculate tricky sums

  • Have fun exploring a range of interactive activities

  • Join in with the relaxing number recall activities or just let the numbers float over them

The product comprises of a 'Getting Comfy' intro to totally relax your child before moving onto each of the 12 Times Tables individually. The Audio-Visual product has links so that you can move straight to any particular Times Table with a single click.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive your confirmation email and a second email with instructions for accessing your audio files.

You can also access the product here using your invoice number

*Please note this is an online resource that can be accessed with any compatible device with internet access, such as a PC, tablet or smartphone.

£14.95 inc.VAT

A3 Vision Board

A3 DryWipe Vision Boards by Nurture Learning.

Develop good habits, plan for positivity and realise your true potential! Visualise your dreams; make notes with DryWipe pens or tack on inspirational images that you've created, taken from magazines or found on the Internet. Work together to share goals and change it up as often as needed.

This Nurture Learning Vision Board will help develop skills for personal development and a toolkit to support good mental health for both you and your child.

£16.99 inc.VAT

Nurture Learning Affirmation Cards


Give your child the gift of confidence, positivity and calm.

Remind your child just how incredible they are and give them the tools to boost their confidence every day of the week.

Affirmation cards promote self esteem, self love and confidence. Using positive language encourages positive thoughts which promotes happiness from within. They can help children regulate their emotions and raise resilience, which they will carry with them throughout life.

They can be used at home or on the go. Pop one in their lunch box or in the car on the way to school.


- 23 affirmation cards

- 6x4 inches (approx)

- professionally printed and wipeable

- Double sided as per photos

RRP £14.99

£2.99 inc.VAT

Affirmation Card and Vision Board Pack


Purchase our A3 vision board and affirmation cards together in a pack. 

£24.95 inc.VAT

Gift Voucher

Give the gift of learning.

Book private or group tuition or treat yourself in our shop.

Available to purchase in multiples of £10

£10.00 inc.VAT

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