Times Tables


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Times Tables Chillaxations

We are so excited to be able to release our Times Tables Chillaxations! 


This visual-audio recording captures a very important feature of our lessons and our ethos that academic learning and wellbeing should not be separate entities.


In fact, research shows that children's brains are able to retain much more information when they feel safe, calm and positive. 


Times Tables Chillaxations creates a space where children can recharge their batteries whilst boosting their knowledge of number.  This recording takes your child on a journey through the times tables and exploring the different number patterns.  We blend the two skills as real knowledge of multiplication is not simply the same as recalling the times tables facts and understanding 'why' and 'how' is key to your child's development.


Children are encouraged to join in with the areas that they have knowledge of and let the numbers 'float over them' when a times table is less familiar. 

This means that their bodies may be resting, but their brains remain active.


Times Tables Chillaxations is a little bit of Nurture Learning in a bottle.

These relaxing visualisations will help boost your child's knowledge of number,

confidence in the classroom and introduce them to new tools to boost their

concentration and ability to manage big feelings.

Two Times Table - Sample
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