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11+ Results - How to boost your child, whatever their score

By Anna, 1st October 2022

As results day for the Kent test draws nearer, many of us are beginning to wait with anticipation. 

My son in Year 6 is mentioning it most mornings and every evening; it is most definitely the talk around his peers.  Even as a teacher, I’m not sure how he will have performed.  With all of the tuition in the world, a hundred mocks and calming meditation strategies leading up to the test, it could still go either way.

You may have read in my previous blog about changing the narrative around the 11+.  As parents it is tricky to keep our children focussed on the achievement of sitting the test when they themselves have already become so invested in going to grammar school and the critical divide of a pass or a fail. 

I’ve put together some top tips to help both you and your child to manage results day, with the aim of celebrating the achievement no matter the outcome.

Tip 1: Have a back up school.  Try and visit it before the results and emphasise that your child has other options and highlights the benefits that the school has to offer.

Tip 2: Plan a celebration or a small token gift on results day that is not dependent on any score.     You could surprise them with uplifting photos of their milestones or achievements.

Tip 3:  Have a second envelope full of comments from friend’s and family about why they are awesome and their strengths and unique qualities.  Have this ready to open after the results to celebrate how incredible they are whatever the outcome.

Tip 4: Congratulate and praise them for sitting a test that most adults would struggle with.  If they didn’t get what they needed for grammar school, show them that anything is possible.  Many people go on to have a successful career and healthy/comfortable lifestyle without ever going to grammar school. In fact, there are a limited number of areas that still offer selective schooling in England so many university students will have attended regular secondary schools.  Give your child examples: I didn’t go to a grammar school and I completed all of my exams at evening classes around my work.    I was successful at university and am a qualified teacher and director of my own business.

Tip 5: Use a children’s vision board to help them to plan their dreams and goals for the future.

Always help your child to keep their eyes on the prize – achieving their best in life with ambition and joy!


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