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Protecting Your Child's Progress During the Cost of Living Crisis

By Anna, 18th January 2023

Top Tips to Support Your Child’s Wellbeing at Home

Be VIP – Vulnerable, Important & Present

1.         Be Vulnerable

As a Very Important Person, you are best placed to show your child how to use good mental health strategies.  Use language to describe how you are feeling and let your child know when you are dipping into your mental health toolbox.  It is perfectly OK to let your child know that you feel angry or upset and even better when you tell them you are going to relax with some music, go for a bike ride or write in your journal to help you to ground yourself.  Don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong and tell your child if you are sorry and what different choices you should/could have made.

It is key that our children can see that it is normal and expected to make mistakes. After all, that is why pencils come with a rubber on the end.


2.        Be Important

Children’s wellbeing starts with the adult in the room.  If that is you then you are a VIP.  Your child needs you to be filling your cup every day.  If money is a concern, there are lots of ways you can look after yourself that doesn’t cost lots of pennies.  Getting out in nature, taking time to be creative, having a declutter – whatever works for you.  Choose something that you can turn to if/when times get tricky.  By having something up your sleeve in advance, the decision making is done and you are more likely to reach for it.


3.        Be Present

As mounting costs soar, it can be difficult to always be that ‘switched on’ parent that your child needs.  The truth is, no parent can be on the ball all of the time. This means making sure you are available to your child when it matters most.

The three points in your child’s day that you can make the biggest impact is in the morning, on collection from school (if they attend) and at bedtime.  Put your phone away and aim for these three moments in time to be dedicated to quality communication with your child. If these pinch points are typically high-stress events, then think about how you can change them up to make more positive for the whole family.  Plan for setbacks, make space for big feelings and decide – in advance – your priorities at what you are willing to forego.  The odd late mark might not be such a big deal for some families if it means your child has gone into school emotionally regulated and feeling loved.

 Above all, and without spending a penny, remember that you are your child’s VIP and advocate. This is even more important when the rest of the world is so unstable and tough. Nurture Learning can have your back with our Parent Subscription and mental health ambassador, but when the chips are down it is YOU that can supercharge your child's wellbeing.  You've got this!


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